Trending trends week two

Everything went a little crazy this week.

Bloody hell!

Who's reading this thing?

That enormous spike you see was generated by a recommendation from here. A few more clicked the next day and the day after. And what did they read?

Google Chrome OS. And a stupid top ten l 66
An interview with my girlfriend 44
20,000 Windows computers to be destoyed. 38
Futurama ascii with Slashdot header quot 28
What I am scared of more than anything e 27
Licensing of the tubes 25
Trending trends so far. 22
Gig review: Why? at Audio, Tuesday 7th J 17
A real-life girlfriend, with long hair a 17
Extreme Microsoft Hate 17
I’m not a feminist, honest! 14
Bash alias: look at an Experts Exchange 8
Gig review: M83 at the Concorde2, Monday 8
About 7
Linux will get lots of viruses one day! 6
Send your name to Mars 6
The Pirate Bay. And now something comple 5
Gimping the internet, one step at a time 4
Asus and Microsoft. Where’s the beef? 4
Troll of the week 4
One command installation of Firefox 3.5 4
Is this the year of Linux on the desktop 3
Bash aliases: check memory usage, packag 3
Troll of the week #2: you guys need some 3
Album review: Blonder Tongue Audio Baton 1

Yikes. So Google and my girlfriend are the hottest hits. I shall have to make every blog post about either of those. Possibly both. I don’t know, perhaps something like “How Google has ruined my relationship” or maybe “How Google has stolen my girlfriend.” Yeah, that ought to do it. So how about the search terms of the now? These are usually good for a giggle.

chrome os sucks 4
futurama ascii 2
ascii bender 2
real life girlfriends 2
how to install firefox 3.5 on ubuntu 1
real life girlfriends hair in boobs 1
chrome os stupid 1
long boobs 1
maps m83 concorde2 1
why google chrome os sucks 1
chrome os is crap 1
m83 concorde 2 setlist 1
boobs long hair 1
“one command installation of firefox 3.5 1
real life boobs 1
ascii futurama 1
real life hair 1
check ram memory ubuntu bash 1
hair in boobs google os stupid 1
random futurama quote terminal 1
good os? stupid 1
cowsay shit cow 1
google os sucks 1
slashdot fortunes 1
openbittorrent dmca notice 1
long hair girlfriends 1
google chrome suck 1
send your name to mars! 1
google chrome os sucks 1
google chrome os is stupid 1
” long hair with perfect boobs” 1
send your name to mars 1
real girlfriend boobs 1
microsoft extreme hate 1
google chrome os crap 1
ps check memory usage 1
the shit quote from slashdot 1

Emphasis added. Yowzer. Porn freaks plenty much. Are these people sick of having to put up with all of those wigs in porn films or what? I am intrigued by the number of people searching for reasons why Google’s Chrome OS sucks, considered it doesn’t yet exist. I get the feeling there are flame wars all over the internet this week, and the Microsofties are looking for some ammunition. Well, good luck with that, chaps. I’m off to pen my next masterpiece, “Top ten reasons why my girlfriend’s hair suckedĀ  real life Google Chrome OS.”


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