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Licensing of the tubes

Oh, the web, the most incredible machine known to man that she is. A massive step forwards in the evolution of the human race by all accounts. And yet the internet has been co-opted by fuckwits who want to enhance our productivity experience in a solutions-based diversity paradigm. Yes, business speak. Once the scorn of cubicle prisoners, now the hated object of billions of people around the world. If you haven’t noticed it by now, it’s because they haven’t got to you yet. But they will, if “cloud-computing” has anything to do with it. I hate the term cloud-computing. I hate it with a passion. It’s one of those disgusting Web2.0 phrases that makes me want to stick my head in a microwave every time I hear it. It’s more of that business wanker language that everybody knows and hates.

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Asus and Microsoft. Where’s the beef?

Asus famously dumped Linux in the most tasteless way possible. By creating the shock site known as It’s better with Windows. Anyone who isn’t a complete bloody nincompoop realises that something happened behind the scenes. Either Asus went with Linux to get Microsoft to force their prices right down, or Asus went with Linux because that was the only choice available to them and then Microsoft talked them out of it. Even so, such things are easily refuted by the Microsofties around the web, as all they have to do is tell you to look for all those black helicopters. Any way, it was nice to see such a suggestion appear in a popular news organ, yesterday. Victor Keegan wrote for the Guardian,

It gave Asus a package it couldn’t refuse – a cheap version of Windows as long as it tossed the upstart Linux overboard. True or not, Asus has changed from being a successful proponent of Linux to an evangelist for Windows.

Nice to see it there in print. Thanks goes to @glynmoody for highlighting this one. His blog is pretty great, too, so check it out whenever you can.


Google Chrome OS. And a stupid top ten list about why it’s going to suck.

I wanted to write something about Google Chrome OS. But one quick look at my rss feeds tells me that the world and his wife has already written about it. The tech world has written about this so extensively in the last couple of days (whilst I was gigging) that anything insightful I can possibly write about it has already been said by every blogger from here to eternity. Even fake Steve Jobs is banging on about it. The major press got involved too, with articles appearing in the Times, the Guardian, and on the BBC. But if you want to read a bunch of boring shite from technophobes trying to explain what cloud-based computing is, then be my guest and go and read those articles. Here I’m getting down to the nitty gritty. The no-nonsense guide.

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The Pirate Bay. And now something completely different

I’ve seen an awful lot of folk throwing all of their toys out of the pram in light of the news that the Pirate Bay is to be sold to some shady company who wish to monetise it. Botnets have been summoned to take down the Pirate Bay’s homepage, and many people appear to have shredded their teeshirts in protest. All this meant that the news of a new bittorrent tracker passed by with rather muted coverage in the press; in fact I would add a link to that muted reception, but I can’t find any.

The service is called OpenBittorrent and as a simple tracker, it is not bound to any particular torrent index site, which effectively adds an extra layer of abstraction and decentralisation for filesharing networks. Will they eventually get shut down, too? It seems unlikely, for now. As the project’s homepage explains:

Just to make it clear so people sending DMCA takedown notices understand:

  • We do not have any content.
  • We are not a bittorrent site, we are just a tracker, we can not see what content is behind an info_hash.
  • We don’t have any torrent files.
  • We can’t give you any IP addresses in any other way than normal tracker usage – the software don’t support it.
  • We can’t verify any claims when we have no data other than the info_hash.
  • We can’t block info_hash keys from being registered with the tracker.
  • We don’t have any logs or ways to trace previous connections, there is just not enough disk and IO resources in the world for that (at least not at our operational budget).
  • And most importantly, we have no time.

Seems like a good idea. So how about the Pirate Bay? What do they have to do with any of this?

ryan@lappy:~$ host has address mail is handled by 10
ryan@lappy:~$ host domain name pointer
ryan@lappy:~$ whois
Registrant Name:Fredrik Neij

If this isn’t cause for a huge, shit-eating grin, I don’t know what is. This has made my day. Great stuff.

host has address mail is handled by 10
host domain name pointer
Registrant Name:Fredrik Neij


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