20,000 Windows computers to be destoyed.

According to a few articles around the web, that is. There have been a great many DDoS attacks lately. That stands for  distributed denial of service. Basically, it’s a way of shutting down sites and servers by overloading them. If you get thousands computers all trying to download from a server all at once, bad things happen. These attacks appear to be politically motivated, and the search for the people responsible is under way and such. But the interesting thing about all this is that

the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said it has been notified by South Korean computer vaccine company Ahn Lab that the DDoS virus responsible for initiating the attacks, was set to destroy at least 20,000 contaminated PCs across the nation.

Can I be the first to say,



Finally, a botnet master with some balls enters the fray. Botnets will continue to be a problem because they are almost invisible to normal users. If your computer is part of a botnet, you will not know about it. Botnets are used to harvest credit card numbers and such these days, and true “delete fucking everything” viruses are few and far between because of it. And now, apparently, 20,000 people are going to get their computers hosed. This one’s on you Microsoft. The more the sort of thing happens, the more pressure there will be on Microsoft to fix their god-forsaken, shitty, bloated and completely fucking busted operating system. Am I gloating? Too damned right I’m gloating. Shove that in your pipe and smoke it.


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