Troll of the week #3: something lacking

Here’s a nice troll from a rather funny article entitled “Linux Sucks“:

Anonymous July 18, 2009 10:26 AM

So again, why would you ever want to use Linux, its old, its clunky, and if you use it you lose the advantage of having windows and all its apps, and massive app base, and you are restricted to only using apps available for linux. Which are few a well lacking in quality. (lets be honest here please).

One day you guys will realise that free is not everything, and if your product is free and crap it wont fly. Linux has been going over 17 years now and UNIX far longer. and Yet still your on the bottom of the pool and you see to be very still ?

the other main problem is the linux “community” its degenerated into a cult, and zealots, who think the universe revolves around Linux.

Pretty good effort, there, buddy. The word zealot is presumably the word of the now, seeing as it’s written endlessly these days. It’s always been a favourite word for trolls. It has religous connotations, which certainly helps people characterise Linux users as crazy bastards. And don’t even think about advocating actually using Linux, of all things. Don’t try that unless you want a “peoeple can decide for themselves stop pushingyourbeliefsdopwnpeople’sthroats” speech. Shut it, you morons. This is the internet. YOU CANNOT EMAIL SOMETHING INTO SOMEBODY’S THROAT. Except cum. Sure, esex is every troll’s favourite pastime. That’s probably why so many people come across this blog searching for “hair in boobs” and “reel life girlfriends”. They want a taste of something they can never have, which is silly because throats don’t have any tastebuds. I want hair in boobs, too. It’s only natural.

But seriously, it’s got to the point now where saying something like, “I like Linux,” you will be interrupted with “–FUCK YOU ZEALOT!!!!!” All right, so I’m over the top. Well fuck you. Nobody told you to read this blog. And on to our next quote,

Well fuck you. Nobody told you to read this blog.

What an arsehole, trolling his own audience like that.

And finally for our last troll, I can’t tell if this one is serious or not, but considering this guy was spamming up the tubes with his bile, I’m guessing he’s pretty genuine. If true, then he’s a cunt. From the Linux Today talkback section of an article on Penguin Pete’s blog, in this exerpt he is defending dodgy business practices:

Starting from Injuns versus Settlers, slavery and a certain protracted bar-fight over whether that ought to be legal, then skipping to the mercantile “robber barons”, strike-breaking, the way US car manufacturers hobbled competition by the nations’ railroads, the waterfront mafia, the way in which Standard Oil used its commercial clout, “Ma Bell”, the development of anti-trust legislation and its use on Microsoft by Judge Jackson (you can Google for it).

If you do, you may find a pattern. Which is that ethics has no place (and never had) in US business or politics. Nowadays it does have a place, which is to serve (nowadays) as a convenient cop-out in case of legal trouble in the form of a “Code of Conduct” (You know, that tome filled with Maoist gibberish that your company adopted along with its “mission statement”).

As long as something isn’t demonstrably illegal *and* so visible as to attract prosecution, it’s something that will be used. Over and over again. And that’s what Microsoft is doing, Ok?

And by the way, since when was using your commercial clout to disincentivize “the channel” or public officials from offering other people’s products “illegal” eh?

I don’t even need to make fun of this one. There is a word that describes the capability to live to a set of principles, and respecting and abiding moral values. Something this guy lacks. The word you’re looking for is integrity.


3 Responses to “Troll of the week #3: something lacking”

  1. 19 July, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Speaking for myself, I like being a “crazy bastard” Linux user!

  2. 25 July, 2009 at 4:13 am

    “I want hair in boobs, too. It’s only natural.”
    Well, I live in New York where if it’s natural, it must go under a knife. Honestly, I sometimes think it’s worse than California these days.

    I really wish people would stop referring to Linux as an OS already. SUSE is an OS, Debian is an OS, RedHat is an OS.

    And each and every OS has its own specific merits and deficiencies. Support and features are like night and day between distros. Often times the dissatisfaction with Linux is because they’ve chosen a hammer where a screwdriver would suffice. They were either referred to an inappropriate distro or chose one at random or just because of the looks. If you research the hardware you want to buy, why not the OS it’s going to run?

    If someone asks for recommendations, I usually say try Linux Mint if they’re from an OS X background. Those pretty icons and “just works” philosphy make it easier to transition. If from a Windows background, I’d say Debian or better yet Ubuntu. And if they’re from Windows Server (any version after 2000), it’s usually Debian for them.

    And of these, if the job they need to do is defined beforehand, there are varieties in between to consider. The fact is, it isn’t just a simple “switch to Linux”. It’s “switch to what’s appropriate for my situation”. And that could be none of these, in which case, they’ll need to research the *BSDs.

    …you lose the advantage of having windows…

    I have an advantage? Well damn!
    I must be an idiot since I’m on Vista right now and didn’t notice the smorgasbord of quality ointment I’m getting for my STD… Which came installed with my computer.

    See kids? Never trust someone when they say they’re “clean”. Always wear a condom!

    And by the way, since when was using your commercial clout to disincentivize “the channel” or public officials from offering other people’s products “illegal” eh?

    I don’t know why, but somehow, this feels eerily familiar.

    Ah! Now I remember…
    The Ku Klux Klan used to buy out officials all the time. They used their “commercial clout” to “disincentivize” other races and religions. But this is only software we’re talking about so it’s all good. Who cares. Apples and Oranges and such eh?

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