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Gig review: Why? at Audio, Tuesday 7th July 2009

I’ve loved this band ever since Dollface gave me a mix CD that included the song Waterfalls, so I was chuffed when she told me they were doing a gig in Brighton. How on earth she found that one out, we shall never know. Try finding anything about this band on Google. Talk about a ridiculous name. Ah well.

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Gig review: M83 at the Concorde2, Monday 6th July, 2008

It was rather bloody windy out. The smokers were all huddled in the Smokers’ Cage just outside the venue when we arrived. My girlfriend was worried that we’d turned up a little late. “Bands show up on time where I come from!” she said. I’ve never known bands to start playing on time, but there it is. The support band, Maps, started out, and they were pretty good. It took people ages to make their way to the front. What is that about gigs, sometimes? There must have been a ten metre gap between the stage and the first row of people in the audience. What the fuck? Are you people too cool to stand close to the music or what? Well what a bunch of losers. Me and my girlfriend got the best spot in the house to take lots of cool snaps.

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