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An interview with my girlfriend

So I was stumped about something to write about. An interview might be nice, I thought. But I don’t know anyone to interview. Well in the end I decided to interview my girlfriend about a load of stuff. Get the lowdown on her thoughts on how awesome I am, and how much Linux sucks, and what it’s really like to sleep with me. Hah! Read on.

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A real-life girlfriend, with long hair and boobs and everything

I’m really rather geeky, you know. I read lots of scientific books about science. I like to make computer programmes. I enjoy comic books. And all of the other geeky type stuff. But you know what irritates me?

She doesn't really exist.

She doesn't really exist.

You know why? Because this is what happens when women enter the nerdsphere:

* You have entered #geekchat
<Darkone> no I haven’t tried the 64-bit version.
<grampy> I haven’t noticed much difference tbh
<Darkone> i guess I could always chroot it if i had any problems
<grampy> pfft, chroot jails are for girls
* Darkone is a girl
<grampy> zomg rly?
<lolohnoes> show us ur boobs lol jkz not really jkz
<somedood> hey your whois says you’re from NY, wanna hook up some time? jkz
<DeadSeven777> hey there’s a girl in here
<grampy> lol somedood. but Darkone maybe i could help you out some more if you have problems
<lolohnoes> Darkone: check pm
* Darkone has left #geekchat
<somedood> godammit

Geek women exist, sure. But let’s be honest about it. The geeksphere is almost entirely a meat-swinging contest. When I talk about geeky things, my girlfriend zones out and falls into a coma so deep that The World’s Most Bottomless Pit starts feeling threatened. My experiences are pretty much par for the course for most of us geeky males. I really should start a webcomic where the female lead isn’t some sort of idealised perfect nerd-babe who has a tedious will-they-won’t-they relationship subplot with the male lead. But would anybody read it? I think I lack the humour crystals to pull it off. OH WELL.

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