Trending trends so far.

So, my new blag has been going rather well for about a week or so. But who the devil is reading this thing? I decided to have a look at the site hits.

Who's reading this thing?

Who's reading this thing?

98 readers in a day isn’t bad for my first week, I guess. But that seems like beginners luck based on all the other days. Hrmm. Well, what the hell were all of these people looking at?

The Pirate Bay. And now something comple 20
A real-life girlfriend, with long hair a 19
An interview with my girlfriend 18
Album review: Blonder Tongue Audio Baton 17
Google Chrome OS. And a stupid top ten l 14
Linux will get lots of viruses one day! 9
Gimping the internet, one step at a time 8
Extreme Microsoft Hate 6
Futurama ascii with Slashdot header quot 6
One command installation of Firefox 3.5 6
About 4
Troll of the week 4
Is this the year of Linux on the desktop 3
Gig review: Why? at Audio, Tuesday 7th J 3
Gig review: M83 at the Concorde2, Monday 2
Bash aliases: check memory usage, packag 1
Bash alias: look at an Experts Exchange 1

Well that makes sense. I got a pretty cool scoop about openbittorent. It took a while for the torrent news sites to catch up with that one. For a few hours, the post I made here was on the front page of Google for a number of openbittorrent-related searches. Alas, it’s now been pushed down to page 2. And nobody ever looks there. The interview I had with Dollface was rather odd. It appeared all over the intertubes. Strange stuff, these blogs. Still, let’s have a look at the search terms people used to come here:

openbittorrent.com 5
hair in boobs 2
openbittorrent.com thepiratebay 2
openbittorrent.com “pirate bay” 1
using openbittorrent.com 1
blonder tongue audio baton review 1
https://bambambambam.wordpress.com/ 1
troll girlfriend 1
futurama ascii 1
futurama ascii art 1
boobs in rel life 1
openbittorrent 1
root check memory 1
openbittorrent.com neij 1
fuck linux retards 1
apt-get moo ascii 1
howto setup mp3 preview on mouseover in 1
real life girlfriends 1

Hrrrm. It seems I’m in the wrong business, methinks. I hope that chap who was looking for fucking linux retards found what he was looking for. Hair in boobs. What the hell is up with that?


2 Responses to “Trending trends so far.”

  1. 9 July, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Hair IN boobs?? WTF yo? If I write ‘Lady Catherine sex’ here you might get results for that too. I’m gonna write it in mine! ‘Lionel Rich Tea’ is my most commonly searched term, then ‘evil bras’ or ‘why bras are evil’.

    Also, ‘Boobs in rel life’? LOL.

    • 9 July, 2009 at 10:12 pm

      I should update this. I’ve had a tonne of hits since I posted this earlier. Search terms from today include the following,

      m83 + maps reviews 1
      google os is stupid 1
      chrome os morons 1
      fuck linux retards 1
      google chrome sucks 1
      google os stupid 1

      The Windows trolls are reading my blag! Hurray!!!

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