Asus and Microsoft. Where’s the beef?

Asus famously dumped Linux in the most tasteless way possible. By creating the shock site known as It’s better with Windows. Anyone who isn’t a complete bloody nincompoop realises that something happened behind the scenes. Either Asus went with Linux to get Microsoft to force their prices right down, or Asus went with Linux because that was the only choice available to them and then Microsoft talked them out of it. Even so, such things are easily refuted by the Microsofties around the web, as all they have to do is tell you to look for all those black helicopters. Any way, it was nice to see such a suggestion appear in a popular news organ, yesterday. Victor Keegan wrote for the Guardian,

It gave Asus a package it couldn’t refuse – a cheap version of Windows as long as it tossed the upstart Linux overboard. True or not, Asus has changed from being a successful proponent of Linux to an evangelist for Windows.

Nice to see it there in print. Thanks goes to @glynmoody for highlighting this one. His blog is pretty great, too, so check it out whenever you can.


1 Response to “Asus and Microsoft. Where’s the beef?”

  1. 5 April, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Do not use RegCure until you read this!

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