Gig review: Why? at Audio, Tuesday 7th July 2009

I’ve loved this band ever since Dollface gave me a mix CD that included the song Waterfalls, so I was chuffed when she told me they were doing a gig in Brighton. How on earth she found that one out, we shall never know. Try finding anything about this band on Google. Talk about a ridiculous name. Ah well.

Cool kids. Does anyone iknow their name?

Cool kids. Munch Munch.

The support band were pretty cool. Very noisy. Very quirky. Munch Munch was their name. Jolly good. Anyhow, Why? got set up very quickly, and were ready to go in about ten minutes after the nomnomnom kids left the stage. Yoni was still at the bar getting booze and made his entrance by literally dropping in from the rafters, Fiddy Cent style. They started out with Sanddollars. These are some funky Jews.

Yoni makes his entrance. Rawr.

Yoni makes his entrance. Rawr.

We were really impressed with how well received this band were. The audience were going bat-shit insane after every song. And it seemed like everyone in the room knew the chorus to These Few Presidents. Groovy stuff. Good Friday was up next, which is when the band really started to rock.

No fancy lighting effects for these chaps.

No fancy lighting effects for these chaps.

All of the songs they played were from Alopecia and Elephant Eyelash, which was a bit of surprise. As we were led to believe that they had written loads of new material. Hrmm. Well whenever you’re ready guys, drop a train on ’em, yo. The Vowels and Sad Assasin came next, which sounded pretty awesome and very loud for such a small venue. And what’s up with the floor in that place, any how? We were standing in two inches of water. My shoes are completely fucked. Bastard bastard bastard.

He doesn't afraid of any heckler.

He doesn't afraid of any heckler.

The Hollows and Brook & Waxing came next. Around about this time some stragglers arrived and demanded that Good Friday be played again. And they repeated their request after every bloody song. The band kept cool. Yoni made up a short rap about the heckler being a gimp. That shut him up. Nice work! The band had a pretty good rapport with the audience throughout. They commented on the number of clearly underage girls screaming and giggling at the front. “Got all my jailbait girls down the front here,” the singer mused. I half expected a member of the crowd to start hollering, “ARE YOO A PAEDO!? BROKEN BRITAIN!” Ah, but this crowd are far too ironic for that shit.

So it's a time-exposure. You want to fight about it?

So it's a time-exposure. You want to fight about it?

The Hoofs toned things down a bit, before the band launched into a completely insane version of Waterfalls. It’s probably the most fucked-up song they have, and it was pretty awesome to see it live. It was turned into a bizarre, epic bastard of a song. Really powerful stuff. I must get my hands on a live version of it.

They were switching instruments around quite a bit. I like that.

They were switching instruments around quite a bit. I like that.

They wrapped up the set with sing-alongs Gemini, The Fall of Mr Fifths and A Sky for Showing Horses Under. The audience were begging for more, but Audio is one of those places that turns into a night-club after ten o’clock, and they had to shift it. Such a shame. God-damned DJs and their bloody roof-raising. Oh well.

As their songs are mostly spoken-word, the vocals sounded much like they do on the records.

As their songs are mostly spoken-word, the vocals sounded much like they do on the records.

Still we left with plenty of time to catch a bus home. And then we watched a film, The Prestige. Apparently it’s one of those films you have to watch quite carefully to spot the twists and turns. But is it just me, or is it almost blatantly obvious what’s going to happen really early on? As soon as Tesla is mentioned, it kind of puts it beyond all reasonable doubt. Shame, really. Wait, what? This is a fucking gig review. Arrrgh. Err, here have another picture.

The audience were pretty apeshit. But only one bastard posed for a picture.

The audience were pretty apeshit. But only one bastard posed for a picture.

And another:

The set list. Cool.

The set list. Cool.


6 Responses to “Gig review: Why? at Audio, Tuesday 7th July 2009”

  1. 9 July, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    They should’ve played ‘Torp’ too, damn their eyes. What a cool review, yo! And the band also brushed past us, which was pretty sweet. I’m listening to Munch Munch on their myspace now. It sounds a bit less insane when it’s not at top volume, but still good stuff!

    Sorry I couldn’t answer you last night as my internet spontaneously combusted and has just come back, but the encore was Yo Yo Bye Bye and then Crushed Bones, which someone had kept asking for.

  2. 3 cherrypeel @ lastfm
    9 July, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Hey, good review! Good pics! :)

    Just disagree with the Munch Munch kids. They seemed nice and all, but they were channeling WAY TOO MUCH Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective and all ramifications of those. Even though I could bet a million dollars that on an interview, they will probably say their biggest influence is Paul Simon. Ha! Meh, I just don’t have the patience, I don’t know. Getting old?

    Anyway, my right ear still hurts from the little girl yelling next to me. Why were these underaged girls constantly calling each others names and waving at each other when they were literally 50cm away? Didn’t they know that they were on the same space already? Did they really need to make sure every 30 seconds? It was very confusing.

    Yoni and the crew were freaking awesome. Can’t wait for the new album!


    • 9 July, 2009 at 10:01 pm

      Ha ha. Well so much music nowadays is a rehash of a rehash. I don’t really mind that bands tread ground stomped out by others long before, so long as it sounds good. I’ll have to listen to these kids a bit more before commenting any more on it. Maybe another album review is in order.

      Hrrm, screaming underage girls at gigs are truly a menace. That sounds like the subject of another blog post. I’ll get on to that at some point.

      Thanks for reading!

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